Friday, April 29, 2011

Another spring salad

The image of the following salad is the result of my wanderings in town. I only tasted and didn't tried it yet. Most probably, I would add or subtract some ingredients.
The ingredients used, hidden and visible are:
feta cheese
For me, it was enough for a good lunch, before continuing my busy schedule.

A lovely spring salat

I owe the recipe of this salad to my lovely one and only. Actually, he recommended his version that I changed and adapted according to what we had in the fridge at that moment. It's an easy and fresh recipe (ready in maximum 15 minutes) and very tasty in various combinations (including with crunchy toast)
What do you need:
1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped too/onion
4 tomatoes, very finely chopped
4 boiled eggs
250 Patros cheese
Mix all of them together - with a wood spoon or with your lovely clean hands (our variant). Two persons and half can eat this in less than 10 minutes.
Time for a change.

My CSN status (P)

Thanks to CSN's generosity, I ordered recently two very useful tools for making my pizza days and evenings more pleasant. First, for preparing the pizza, I wanted a special pan and second, after the pizza was ready, I wanted to introduce it to my eyes on a colourful big (31cm) plate. The order made its way to me in approximatively 10 days (only me it's the lazy one in writing the post, but believe, me I was too busy to eat the pizzas). 

The conclusion of the happy and successful user(s): both products are matching the needs of me and my family in terms of fast but very delicious meals. The plate is so nice and practical that I would like to assign it new functions: for serving fruits, sandwiches, salads, cheese...Big challenge for the imagination, so at least for the last weeks I didn't visit too many restaurants lately.
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Back on the track!

It was a busy month, with various (good) professional and personal challenges. I didn't starve meanwhile, but I tried to improve both my writing and cooking styles. To be continued, of course.