Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Good Solution to Protect Your Eyes

Fact: I am spending more than 75% of my awake time with a device in the front of me. Either I read, edit photos, write, work or enjoy my time, a computer screen is an undeniable part of my everyday activity. 
Although I am trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors, when I travel, it might happen to check my phone for various personal and professional reasons,  or enjoy some quiet time while reading...on my Kindle. This is my life and I don't want to change nothing of it. Except, to offer myself a healthy environment which might involve some protection for my eyes, for instance.
I am wearing prescription glasses for over two decades and my lenses are usually suited for intensive computer use. However, I noticed lately that it is not enough and some extra protection is necessary.
Therefore, my curiosity of trying the horus X computer protection glasses.

Provided with a 40% filter and aimed to help not only to have a smoothier computer working experience, but also to improve the sleep quality, those computerglasses are delivered in a small etui that can be later easily carried in a small bag or just in a pocket. Besides the etui, a cleaning cloth is also part of the delivery. Each element of the package is delivered in a small plastic bag which might make a bit unhappy those trying hard to reduce the incidence of plastic into their life.

The order is delivered fast and did not raise any problems or red flags. The product has a 3-year money back guarantee. The design is unisex, simple, with a non-complicated frame - although find it a little bit too big for my taste. But after all, you are wearing it in the office and you remove it when outside, so a fashion statement is not necessary in this case. 

I used them for a couple of days in a row and there was no problem: no headache, no visual discomfort. My eyes feel more relaxed and less sore - an experience I had in the last months, especially after changing the prescription glasses. My sleep patterns didn't change though but this is not something which change overnight anyway. 
In general, a good experience with this product and it looks like a good solution to protect your eyes after intensive computer use.

Disclaimer: Product offered by the company but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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