Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So hot, let's have a Brooklyn beer

It is finally very hot in Germany and elsewhere and the search for fresh and cold beverage is on. In Germany especially, they drink a lot of beer, without but most likely with alcohol. I will write a next time about the (bad) drinking habits here and how I cannot accept it at all, especially among teenagers. Till then, I will go on with my light topic: beer!
I am not a beer drinker at all and the first time when I had a sip of it, late in my 20s, I found it disgusting: the taste and the smell altogether. For diversity, I love the Belgian beer combinations, that according to the experts there are not real beers at all: with cherry or even chocolate taste. But more than the Belgian beers I miss Brooklyn so sometimes around March, I received a suggestive present: a bottle of Brooklyn beer. Let's forget about my refuse to taste more than one bottle of beer the year! This was one of those beers from my beautiful Brooklyn. I started by reading the ingredients, and continued by putting it in the fridge where it spent the next 3 months. Who would fancy a beer in the cold? Not me, anyway!
But suddenly, there was a short spring and cold again and finally summer! And just because, I decided that it is time to taste my present. In an almost perfect evening, when I was expecting a lot of relaxing conversations, I made some chips, opened the bottle and enjoyed it. It is not very heavy and the taste isn't so sour, my big disagreement about considering beer a worthy-to-drink beverage. Very cold is perfect and it goes well for lunch, I suppose. As I do a lot of intellectual work, I need to have my mind clear during the day and only the evening was recommended for such a beer tasting experience. 
As this is my only experience with beer for the year - unless some special Belgian specialities are landing in my fridge - I was happy with the taste and it created the good ambiance. And, after all, it was a Brooklyn beer!

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