Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of the summer choices by Occitaine en Provence

Source: Occitaine website
Officially, the summer it is about to end and it seems that I already feel a bit nostalgic about the things I wanted to do and haven't during the sunny day. But with the high holidays only a couple of days away and many things that I want to share from the past silent blogging days, plus some other events I am very excited to share here, I hope to not have too much time for being overwhelmed by unhappy thoughts. 
Holidays are the best time to make presents, including for yourself, isn't it? 
The last week, I had some extra time and visited the closest Occitaine en Provence shop and could hardly leave. I am usually very much in love with their hand creams and instantly felt in love with their Arlesienne hand cream, with instant results on my delicate hands. Another plus is that it does not have a hard smell either. Talking about Arlesienne, a word that sends to the idea of a strong, independent and yet coquetisch woman from the South of France, all the products from the collection do have saffron - besides rose - as part of the ingredients, a very interesting combination in perfumes that tends to give a note of distinguished elegance to the products. The variations of perfumes are exquisite, very delicate and with a unique flowerly touch. 
Another products to follow, buy and test soon are the unisexl Spa in your home, that although may have some very strong smell that reminds me not very pleasantly about the Tiger Balm from my childhood do produce strong detox effects and may be even more efficient than the strong green tea I am constantly using part of my daily routine. 
In all cases, the prices are, as usual, a bit above the average but fully worth it.

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