Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trying Dates Rice Pudding

Puddings are such a delicious treat but my skills are not very advanced in this respect. Therefore, I am trying intensively to improve, including by introducing new tastes to my palate. As a couple of months ago I made a very interesting trip to an Indian store with my friend acknowledgeable in everything meaning Oriental spices and taste matches, I brought home, among many other treats I will feature in my next posts, a mixture of Dates Rice Pudding. Initially, I wanted to try it for Tu B'Shvat, but took over by the preparations fever I completely forgot about, until a couple of days after.
But it is never too late for a Kheer pudding, so I prepared it the last week.
Inside the colourful box, there was a small plastic bag - 155 gr. - of the mixture made of sugar, treated rice - which looks like small salty crumbs - dried dates, pistacchio and cardamom. The kitchen was instantly invaded by the pleasant cardamom smell, which seems to be the strongest ingredients, which gives the special smell and taste to the composition.
In addition, you also need 1 liter of milk. I added the mixture to the milk, at moderate cooking temperature and slowly mix together for 15-20 minutes. If you are familiar with oriental foods - rice, for instance - you may already know that one of its specific features is the careful (read OCD-like) attention to stirring over and over again. This time, I got easily distracted by the strong sweet spices aroma which made the chores much much easier. 
After the pudding was ready, I poured the composition into a bowl and waited for another couple of hours until was ready. Actually, to be honest, I had a little bit to be sure that everything is fine, and was instantly charmed by the aromated, rich and pleasant taste and a fine, silky texture. Usually, it can serve four, but in this case, I wanted to keep it all mine. For foodie blogging reasons, of course. The next stop will be to learn how to do it myself...

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