Monday, October 29, 2018

Dating Advice - and Encouragement - for the Festive Season

Fill your life with beautiful things
When October is around the corner, you know that from now on, the air will start being filled with glitters, sparkles and invitations to celebrations, office parties and family gatherings. There is the Halloween, the holiday office parties, the various holiday celebrations typical for the winter like Xmas and Hanukka...Too many occasions to count, and so many opportunities to spend time with your loved ones, family and special someone. Time to share gifts and kisses unde the mistletoe. 
However, when you are single, you feel like it is the end of the world, and all what's up for you in the cards in the next 2 months, is a dark time spent on the couch surrounded by empty XXL pizza boxes and Netflix binge watching. Is this you? Do you think this is the only way you can spend those months full of hope and warmed hearts moments?
If yes, you are wrong, very wrong. To let your circumstances define you is not an act of self-love and self-awareness and keep complaining about your (single) situation will not help you move forward to a sunnier life experience.
In fact, this holiday season can be an opportunitiy to improve, challenge and eventually change your single statut. Feeding yourself and catching up your favorite series is a pleasant activity, but what about using this time for pampering yourself, going out to meet friends and potential dates. Book a flight and start discovering the world! You can, for instance, travel as far as Edinburgh, because there is always something new to see as for example the sparkling Hogmanay New Year's party, attended each year by thousand of people from all over the world. While there, take some time to check at least one Edinburgh dating site. Maybe on one of the many dating sites in edinburgh you will find someone to keep you company and, who knows, your New Year's Resolution might be to start a new chapter of your life in a completely new town? This can happen any time, regardless of your age. Many years ago, over 50s dating used to be completely underrated, but nowadays it is completely normal to not give up finding your other half at any age. 
Not too much in the mood for travel? Office parties can be a chance to meet new people or at least to connect with your work colleagues that you hardly had time to say 'hello' during the last 12 months. Family parties and gatherings are also a good opportunity to show to your family how much you care. You never know, maybe there are some single acquaintances around as well. 
In life, it is so important to dare and never give up your right to happiness. Life is short and not always pleasantly surprising, therefore, try to get the best of every moment. Smile more, be grateful and embrace life fully! The more you search the more you are getting closer to your real self and your dreams. After all, life is a beautiful adventure. 

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