Monday, October 14, 2013

Cooking challenge of the week: Donna Hay, Flavors

I went very frustrated recently when I discovered how many beautiful good cooking books I have at home and instead of trying at least once the week to use the recipes, when in need of some good last minutes ideas, I always prefer Google instead of my library.
After I pre-ordered on Friday Jamie Geller's Joy of Kosher and got yesterday the good looking Flavors by Donna Hay, I decided that I should change the previous narrative. As long as I don't travel and there are no special holidays around, I will take one cookbook per week and try as much as possible to cook out of it daily. 
As I am trying also to keep my diet at a very natural level those days, I would prefer for the next weeks those recipes with healthy ideas and especially those including many fruits and veggies. 
The cooking tour begins this week with Donna Hay's flavors. While on the road yesterday, I had a look at some of the suggestions and I already have a couple of combinations in my mind that I hopefully will share in the next days. Most recipes are simple, with genuine tastes and feasible within one hour or less. Plus, it has a lot of stories about flavors and spices, a topic that I am more than interested lately. In other words, the perfect choice for both my stomach, my limited time and hunger for new things.

Bon Appetit! I am busy building new recipes!

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