Sunday, June 26, 2016

What you need to know about London food culture

Out of many city and foodie choices in the whole world, London is one of my favourite places to discover new cultures and tastes. With a high diversity of gourmet restaurants that turned every simple foodie item into a piece of art, this exquisite city developed in the last decade a high culture of good food and pleasure of tastes. Thus, a book fully dedicated to its delicious stories makes a lot of sense and brings a significant amount of inspiration. 
In the author's words: 'London has become a city of passionate eaters and beloved restaurants'. The mission of the book is to discover and reveal these culinary secrets. Although it has a big share of presenting recipes, success stories of different restaurants, this book has the merit of going beyond the pure gourmet curiosity. It introduces the history of British tastes - with an initial bad reputation, by the way - as well as the city itself, with all its fancy or less known corners. 
It happily combines careful and inspiring food writing with beautiful travel recommendations, for any writer with a tasty heart. 
The book is organised up to various meal categories: vegetarian soups, sea food, fowl etc. The recipes are presented in the finest detail, most of them easy to make at home - including the famous food staple of fish&chips or the inspiring tahini cookies introduced by the well educated chef Ottolenghi. 
Overall, it is an inspiring book, recommended to both the travel and foodie writer, as well as to anyone keen to known the gourmet history in the making of a city that is much more than its politics. 
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange of an honest review

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