Thursday, June 30, 2016

Interior design inspiration: Designeria Berlin

Situated on the relatively discrete location of Hohenzollerndamm in the Western side of the city, Designeria Berlin offers interesting reconverted industrial design and furniture items as well as clothes, at medium prices. 
Vintage pieces refurnished for the needs of a modern house are its main strongpoints, which brings a nostalgic feeling and make you think about your grandmothers' cosy homes.
There are two big showrooms, stuffed with a lot of interesting objects, predominantly in wood and neutral colours. All you need is to have a lively wallpaper to bring more joy and colours into your room. 
Some corners are ready made to be taken away and installed as such in your room. I particularly loved the lamps, minimalistic yet chic, that can be snuggled easily everywhere. 
The clothes section is not the strong point of the store, many of them keeping up with the vintage, old style which does not necessarily suit any age.
Jewellery pieces are vintage too, recoverted from various items. I've found many of them too complicated or heavy to wear every day, but some of them are interesting. 
The ambiance was pleasant, with classical music in the background. The customer service was non-intrusive, meaning not too keen to help or ask questions or assist at all.

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