Monday, November 21, 2016

Understanding Aromatherapy

I wanted to understand and find out more about Aromatherapy and, as usual, found my way to knowledge through books. I needed some short fast introduction to get acknowledged with the system and its main advantage - and eventually disadvantages and thus, my attention turned to an easy read, at least for the beginning.
This book has various basic information about this 'therapy', which for a science geek as I am it doesn't pledge in the advantage of the book and the system as such. My biggest problem was when aromatherapy was introduced as an alternative medicine technique that can help to relieve even serious illnesses. Although I recognize that there may be a certain brain trigger put into movement by specific smells, I am skeptical enough to accept that some scents can really heal instead of the classical medicine. 
Otherwise, I did find a lot of interesting recipes for cosmetic and well-being use that I will probably use for myself as well and introduce in some next posts.

Trying aroma tissues

In addition to the reading part, I also tried myself some sleep therapy tissue, by Primavera, a German company specialized in such products. I bought the Lavender Aroma Tuch for under 1 Euro at an alternative hippie store in Bamberg and kept it for a couple of months already waiting for the right moment to try it. Yesterday, too tired after an exhausting couple of days, I used it as a room fragrance. I opened the tissue and placed it on the corner of my sleeping room table . It is made of lavender and neroli oils, quite discrete fragrances, which was good as I do not fancy that much lavender. It also has organic honey extract that purposely 'helps quiet the mind with a warm, mellow scent', according to the product description. I am not sure how the mixture worked on my sleep well-being, but I did have a heavy long sleep, although I do not remember the smell and thinking about the smell at all. I do have another Primavera tissue that I will try again soon, just to make myself an idea about what it is all this 'aroma'-story about.


I satisfied my curiosity those days finding out more about Aromatherapy and most probably I will give a try to more ideas and cosmetic recipes. I've eyed, for instance, some interesting creams for dry hair. Creating a pleasant ambiance in the house is an elegant touch to the home that I would love to develop further on, by exploring various scents combinations. But I don't want to have nothing to do with the 'holistic healing' and other no-anti-medicine ideas that might be (too) easily preached by the 'aromatherapy'. To be continued...

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