Thursday, November 10, 2016

What is tempeh?

Source: en. wikipedia. org
A couple of days ago, I made a special purchase from my favorite Asian store: I bought a batch of tempeh. At the first sight, it looks a bit unusual, with the little white-brownish soy beans covered by a white crust. This inexpensive fermented soy beans curd has a firm and chewy consistency. It is nutty, with slightly more calories as the usual soy. Compared to the tofu soy cheese, it has a different texture and is mostly suited for frying or accompanying various vegetable dishes, suh as asparagus, fresh tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, fried mushrooms. I also tried to taste it not-fried, but found it a but unappealing, as the soy taste is altered by the fermentation process and could be a bit sour. It can be fried together with an egg too. I am also thinking about a burger version, as a meat replacement. 
A tempeh bacon version is also available. 
Tempeh is also kosher, but not for Pesach. 
It should be kept in the fridge, but use it within maximum 2 days within opening. My loaf come sealed in two plastic bags and I kept it this way in the fridge, at a normal cold temperature.

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