Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In the Wonderfilled World of Oreo

Who doesn't like Oreo, the black biscuit sandwich filled with a milky cream? Dubbed the world's famous cookie, it was introduced for 5 days to the world of Berlin foodie lovers at a pop-store in the highly frequented Rosenthaler Platz 72. 
Decorated with huge-sized Oreo cookies and with walls filled with small packages of Crispy&Thin - my favorites, especially because it is so easy to carry them in your bag on the way home or when on the road - or the Original version - a little bit too sweet for my taste, it welcomed visitors of all ages. Besides the fun of getting some small packages of original biscuits for free, you enter a world of milky ways and sweet fun, openly suggested by the hip hastags and decorations on the wall.
The original Oreo website - English version - has many creative videos, besides the many interesting recipes I would love to start trying one day, and this creative side was also reflected in the corner dedicated for children activities, including small origami workshops.
But the most creative of all is the dunker. Guess what it can do?...counting 3...2...1...Still not sure? This light plastic-made, fishing needle looking tool is aimed at recovering, from the side, the Oreo cookie after soaked in the milk. Don't use your hands, and not try to take it with a soup spoon, but use the dunker. Is super easy and a lot of fun to use it!
So bad the Oreo adventures were to last only for five days, but apparently it is enough to turn them into your best cookie friends for life. I personally will look forward to have some special recipes on the blog soon, based on those delicious cookies!
To be continued...

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