Saturday, October 7, 2017

Skin Care Product Review: Night Repair Concentrate by Schaebens

After a couple of weeks of permanent use of various capsules, it seems that I am slowly slowly integrating them into my daily skin care routine. The last week I returned to a brand that I successfully used before, Schabens, with a 5-day cure of night repair concentrate. 
I applied it on the clean skin, usually one hour before going to sleep. The apparently small capsule has enough liquid to properly cover the face and the neck in abundance, and it is a lot left for the night. The transparent liquid is very oily and has a specific smell. I used it instead of a night cream, and worked pretty well, with the morning face shining and deeply refreshed. 
Every small blue pill is made of a mixture of jojoba oil, retinole and ceramid. According to the product presentation, a regular use is aimed at increase the hydration with around 46%, improve the skin elasticity with around 40% and reduce the deep wrinkles with 37%. I didn't experience any allergic reaction and most probably would love to keep using it for the time being, as I've found it perfectly suited for my skin and with visible positive effects.
In Germany, it can be purchased at the any Rossmann drugstore chains, at a more than convenient price.
Overall, a product which I strongly recommend to every normal skin. It is easy to use with visible effects within a couple of days only. 

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