Monday, February 19, 2018

My Latest Skin Care Products Discoveries

I've been lately pretty busy trying new recipes and settling down a couple of new projects I am working on, plus my non-stop blogging about way too many topics. Somehow, I felt that I neglected a bit my usual skin care routine, and although I do have a couple of interesting products in my closet, I was rather either too lazy or too tired to start something new. The results were not satisfactory for my skin, therefore, the last week I finally went out of my bubble and got a couple of products to try. Yeah, even though I do have a whole shelf in my fridge only for my masks, it seems it is never enough so buying new ones sounded like the best thing to do.
My purchases were from ISANA, a brand that is usually fine both in terms of budget and quality therefore it haven't dramatically challenged my financial projections for the week. The results, in all three cases were good and at least for one product, I would love to keep using it for a longer time.
Here are my latest finds and a short review of their results on my skin.

1. ISANA Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

I love to use repair products and creams in the night, because is the only time when my skin can really rest, staying under the same temperature for more than 3 hours, as during the day I am always very active and going out and back to the house is not always a great deal for my skin, especially when the temperature gap might be pretty big. I've started to use this cream a couple of days ago, and from the first use I felt how good it does to my skin. At first, there was a bit of stretching feeling, but early in the morning, my skin looked great, fresh and regenerated. It is already too early to assess all the positive things, as the recommendation is to use it for at least one month, which I will probably do. No allergic reactions, no fragrance, smooth texture. All I need to keep a product part of my usual skin care routine.

2. Sheet Bubble Mask

I love way too much the sheet masks, but I never tried before a bubble mask. Apparently I am quite late when it comes to trend updates, as they are quite a thing for a couple of time already. What those masks do have different from any other mask is that once you put the sheet on your face, a foam is creating little by little. This foam allows a deep cleaning of the pores, leaving your face deeply clean. Except the funny sound of the foam bubble, there is nothing else going on with this mask. I was relatively happy with the results and would love to try more such products.

3. Lips and Eyes mask

My lips suffer dearly during the winter and I always have to keep in mind to use extra lip balms. A mask that will actually kill all the unpleasant looking dried cells and give a more fresh look to the lips is always a good idea. Out of all the three products, I cannot say yet too much about this mask, though. It is easy to apply and didn't experience any negative effects, but I didn't see too much change either. It is recommended to use it a couple of times the week, which I am doing right now, so hopefully there will be more noticeable results to notice soon. However, it looks like a good idea, easy to carry on when on the road and easy to apply in between two, three busy assignments at home. 

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