Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to the world of boiled words

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A couple of weeks ago, during my long never ending process of reorganizing my writing life, I opened a blog dedicated to my writing journey - (which I kindly invite you to read and criticize). This is a diary about my modest efforts to improve and develop my writing skills - in another tongue that my mother tongue. One of the domains I wanted to explore is also the food writing, an area I am not familiar with though the high interest for this new intellectual challenge.

For a long time, for various reasons, I stayed away of the gourmet experiences. Not too much time, not experience in the world of tastes and food. But, for various reasons, practical matters equally, in the last two years I was faced with the necessity to start preparing healthy and eatable food. And, I embarked on this trip with lots of enthusiasm and courage. In most part of the cases, I didn't use recipes, although I have a couple of nice and colourful resources. I am using often Internet for various technical problems: as, for example, how to cut a mango fruit, but also for some inspiration - cookies, the weekly change of the menu.

I do not consider myself experimented cooker or expert. I learned a lot, but the most part of experience is waiting for me. This blog - I hope once to turned into an interesting resource for women like me - is the diary of my successful and unsuccessful experiment. Initially, I intended to host my food writing on my normal writing blog, but a couple of minutes ago I decided that it might be better to have a separate chapter of my life, as I am seriously thinking to gather all these experiences into an e-book one day. 

Once again, welcome into my world of tastes and looking back for advices, conversation, exchange recipes and everything interesting to share about food, learning and good life.
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