Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wallpapers ideas: Louise Body

The search for the almost perfect decoration for the kitchen may take time. One may be in a certain mood for a colour or a special print, but once the new patterns are on the market, the change is in the air. But how can you change it without going through the big mess of the painting? 

The wallpapers are the easiest solution for a dynamic person with complex tastes. A wallpaper is easy to apply and is a relatively good investment in terms of quality. Especially when for a price of less than 100 you can have amazing walls that can be changed as often as you can afford it. 

A favorite of mine Source: Louise Body
During my researches, I discovered Louise Body, whose flowers and birds painted in soft light colors create that ambiance that I always expect from the place I would love to call 'home'. It brings peace and joy into any house. Body's website has many interesting models, many of them looking like out of the covers of a children's book. 

The wallpapers can go in any room and the prices are quite affordable, compared with the fine detail and unique lines. 

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