Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I love cooking

In less than 4 hours, I did the successful baking of challos, plus 2 salads and blintzes and mashes potatoes with nuts, a very new recipe that we will try in the next 3 hours. It was a marathon, in between shopping, and one hour of work and careful plans how to cope with the stage 2 of the Pesach cleaning. However, I made it and I am more than happy that I succeeded. 

This is not my first time when I go through such a cooking tour and in the last 2 years I experienced the success of new recipes whose preparation went smoothly and end up in a very tasty way. Then, my question a couple of minutes ago: what was in my mind that it took me so long till I turned into the queen of the kitchen? Why did I waste so much precious time that I would have been able to dedicate to new recipes and experimental cooking? 

First, I rarely had enough time as I was full time employed with a very busy social life and other professional obligations. In most cases, till 33 yo, I used my house as the place where I sleep and change and go back to work. Thus, the space dedicated to the kitchen was limited. Plus, as I had everything made and waiting for me while at home, I did not need to care what recipe I should prepare, because everything was waiting for me. In fact, most recipes can be done in less than 2 hours and the house looks and smells better after quality cooking.

Secondly, I never trusted enough my cooking skills for considering myself able to prepare on my own: pizzas, gnocci (my latest success), bread, complicated cakes. It is a matter of practice and knowledge and once you decide to spend at least one hour the day cooking or trying something new, the story will continue over and over again.

Last but not least, I was always worried that I may take weight. I wanted to keep myself fit and very slim. But by eating fresh fruits and vegetables and other delicious treats I only turned into a healthier person and happier woman and even though I took some little weight, I really enjoy my new life and my newly discovered skills.

All the best from my busy kitchen!

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