Friday, June 28, 2013

Bio chocolate soy pudding

Another product I tried this week was a Soy Chocolate Dessert, purchased from the same Rossman store, from the bio counter. It is distributed in a pack of four and thus I had other testers that had at least one spoon of the product. The first impression is...tasteless. It looks very concentrated and with a pleasant colour, but there it is not too much sugar - as you would expect, and it is a raw chocolate experience. 
The cover is very attractive and loved the colours and the design of the little cups in general. 
Soy does not (always) have an extremely pleasant taste, and I do not fancy it too much in sweets. In this case, the predominant taste - that I started to feel after 4 spoons - is of raw cocoa. If you would love more sugar, you might add some home made whipped cream, with brown sugar, eventually. Otherwise, if kept in the fridge at least one hour before use, it can turn into a healthy and low calories desert for the summer afternoons. With coffee or tea, the choice is yours. 
I am not sure I would like to try this product once again, but I would be curious about more products of this kind. Sooner or later I will find my favourites.

Bon Appetit!

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