Friday, June 21, 2013

Feta cheese and watermelon

I was requested for a long time to prepare for Shabbes a light good watermelon and (feta) cheese salad. Overwhelmed by some extra work and with the head in the clouds because of the summer, I was more than happy to try something new the last week and I was once again reminded to prepare this combination. At the end of the day, it was for my own good, as it is a relatively simple meal, that does not require too much preparation.  

Instead, as I would found later but too late to change something, it requires a good knowledge of the various types of feta cheese, an information that is apparently missing from my cooking luggage. I bought a quarter of watermelon, looking pinky - meaning that it is not extremely sweet, this feature being associated in my mind with the red-looking watermelon. I did not think too much about the feta though and simply took a sort acceptable in my opinion from the point of view of the ingredients. The last time when I had a feta cheese was years ago and I completely forget that some cheeses can be saltier than others. 

For my combination of feta cheese and watermelon I needed some non-salty creamy sort, that was not necessarily the type I bought. But as the melon was not extremely sweet, the final combination was refreshing. Sometimes, as I remember following my tasting of Norwegian salty-sweet chocolate, the extremes can be attractive and more personality on both sides of the products would have bring more taste into our afternoon treat. The verdict was that the next time I will need to pay more attention to the feta cheese or at least to buy a more interesting watermelon. 

A life of learning is what I am always longing for, especially when it comes to cooking! 

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