Monday, June 24, 2013

Boiled Words tasted a sunflower seeds+cherry tomatoes salad

The next innovation of the menu was an unique recipe created out of what I found in the kitchen, mainly: 500 gr. sunflower seeds, 250 gr. cherry tomatoes, 100 gr. sesame seeds and 3 tbs. olive oil. As the girls from the house are decided to follow a strict diet in the next days and weeks (expect reviews about diet books and other useful tips in the next weeks), this salad looks as healthy and with a high nutritive value. I had the sunflower seeds for over a week, as one of those products you can't resist to buy: found them in a cute Russian store in my neighbourhood and bought them without a specific recipe in my mind. Was simply thinking that either will consume them raw, as I was suggested several time, or I will introduce in one of my many spontaneous salad equations. The result can easily feed 5 hungry persons.

My observation is that probably using less sunflower seeds was better, but in this way I can fully feel the richness of the seeds. After one big portion, I don't feel like eating anything more in the next 10 minutes. At least, no more bread needed. Today, I will try to add some boiled eggs and olives and the summer lunch is ready!

Bon Appetit!

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