Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Provence inspiration in Berlin

In the vicinity of Fasanenstrasse, in Uhlandpassage, there is a small shop where you can feel the fresh air of the beautiful Provence. Inspiredly called 'Charme de Provence' it offers mostly furniture and accessories as well as inspiration to the happy owners of country residences. But although you might be a bit far away of owning two residences, one of them out of town, the furniture can easily be used for a 'normal', year long apartment or house.  
The furniture is simple, of massive wood, but big enough to require spacious rooms. The lamps and other decorations are also simple, aimed to create comfort while offering the occasion to enjoy the simple things in life. 
Although most of the furniture is ready made, it is possible to request your own models, especially suited for the dimensions of your room. Everything takes time. A really special piece of furniture may take 4-5 weeks to arrive to your door, and for the mirror, around 6 weeks.
Besides the furniture, natural products, sold at quite high prices, are also available, among which a full variety of products based on argan oil.
There are a lot of small details that should be considered when you decorate your countryside residence and this small shop, has a lot of interesting suggestions.
I especially loved the white simplicity of most of the porcelain sets. In such a company, you can fully enjoy the quietness of life in the middle of the nature. 
The customer service is very friendly and ready to help with suggestions and answers to different practical questions. My only problem concerns the overall design of the shop as such, where so many nice things are crowded in haste in the show rooms. When you have such a beautiful range of products, it would be a smart idea to care about a certain design sending the guests inspiration about a specific lifestyle. Small details will turn the shopping experience into a very pleasant visit. 


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