Friday, May 20, 2016

Interior design inspiration in Berlin: dopo_domani_due

The second store in Berlin of Dopo Domani Minotti brand, situated on Kantstrasse 147, it gathers in a relatively small space many stylish pieces of furniture, from long lunch wooden tables to embroided cushions and retro vases or picknick boxes. 
The colour of the season is pastel, with sweet matches of furniture and home decorations creating the feeling of relaxation and well-being. Plate mirrors on the wall amplifies the space and bring more light into the space. If you are looking for some small items to change the home ambiance, here may be the best place to start your research.
The furniture is simple, with modern shapes that suits both the small or the big spaces. The distinction is given by the poteries and different colourful decorations. One single item can be enough to positively change your space.
Golden or metallic details in general give a note of elegance and strength, to balance the raw fragility of the wood. The furniture is generally not pretentious and takes a minimal space. 
Some home accessories have very interesting, mechanical details, very avangardistic.
The lightning solutions are not very spectacular, but suited to the modern rooms, not always big. If the play with lights is done smartly, the result is a completely different space feeling.
The prices are accessible to medium, from around 40 Eur. for some ceramics and more than 1,000 Euro for tables or bigger pieces of furniture.
Glassware is especially distinguished, in a style that reminds the products made in the Czech Republic.
The customer service is almost non-existent, the kind of store where you are left on your own for 10 minutes or more and no one really notice you. Some new products have been delivered in big carton boxes and were spread near the shop so this can be a good excuse for the lack of attention for customers. Maybe.
Otherwise, I really enjoyed the store and I left with a good and fresh feeling. Call it healthy colours therapy...

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