Friday, July 1, 2016

5 Things to NEVER Wear

Summer is the season when more than ever you can see many inadvertencies and faux-fashion pas. In Berlin or elsewhere, teenagers or just too busy to give a second chance to the mirror impressions, we are all doing mistakes once in a while. This post is aimed to help you to avoid them.
Spaghetti blouses and, in general, any kind of spaghetti clothes. Hungry? Go to a restaurant, you do not havve to wear them with you! 
Holes in the jeans...I just can't stand this. It looks so cheap and no, not rebel at all, even if you are a teenager. Random cuts of the jeans looking just two steps away from the garbage bin. You better do not wear them at all if you hae a little respect for yourself.
Buggy pants. I am not a pants wearer in general, but this style it sends a message of neglect and indifference to the wearer. Even if you want to wear them only in the house, such items look like you are ready to take the garbage out.
Army prints. No single way. Even you have been or are about to go in the Army or any other military love you nurture. Except if you want to look as a special forces employee. But there is no elegance or distinction or anything good in terms of good taste with such an outfit.
From the same category with the previous item, the Army-looking boots are unfriendly, aggressive, ugly, non-elegant and, in general, very inappropriate for a lady.

All being said, what is your favourite non-fashion item on the hate list?

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