Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beauty product review: Vinosource Moisturing Sorbet by Caudalie

One of the first and most important lessons my mother taught me about being a woman was to take care of my skin, as early in life as possible. Besides the good genetics, my clean and youngish looking skin is the result of years of intensive care and special protection, all round the year and the day. For instance, I never go to sleep without cleaning my face - either I had one of my many make-up free days. Another healthy habit I follow since my early teenage years is to use every day a skin care product, particularly in the morning. 
In the last two months, I had a new entry favourite product: Vinosource Moisturing Sorbet by Caudalie. I knew that wine, especially the red one, makes wonder to the body - if consummed in moderation, of course - but did not know too much about the benefits of wine-products for the skin. Caudalie uses grape-based ingredients in the composition of many of their products. In the case of the Moisturing Sorbet - 40 ml. - there is organic grapewater and vinolevure, which helpt the strengthening and moisturizing of the skin. It also gas chamomille extract, which calms and soothes. 
Although it is recommended for sensitive skin, it does good to the normal skin as mine too. I am using it in the morning, first thing after I wake up and it gives a long lasting freshness effect. In the case of my skin, it makes it feel velvet-like and matifies it. It is recommended to use it in the evening too. For an intense feeling of freshness, it is recommended to keep in in the fridge. 
I strongly recommend this product, especially if you are in your late 30s and you have a very active life, which also involves frequent trips and climate changes.

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