Monday, August 1, 2016

Stuffed shell pasta experiment

What I do when I am out of time and of cooking ideas? Usually, a pasta dish, with garlic, some za'atar and grated cheese - answers all the hungry needs in the house. It also can be done within minutes so...what are I am waiting for?
Somehow, I need to diversify my pasta knowledge and my experience with testing various flavours and ingredients. The shell pasta are my favourite playground, because I can stuff different ingredients and have an impressive number of choices for testing until I find the right combination.
As for the last testing, I tried the following fillings:
- avocado spread with dill and goat cheese - too heavy
- yellow paprika, a little bit grated, with corn - fresh for the summer. I have to add also some pinch of salt or some pepper for the taste
- brown champignongs finely chopped and fried, with garlic - acceptable
- goat cheese with dill and paprika - a good choice
Actually, the number of combinations is quite good, which makes the shell pasta a good choice for finger food and summer dinners, All you need is to have around 5 ingredients, and mix them creatively. And, of course, the pasta shells.

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