Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Open the world to the children through recipes

Teaching children from an early age the love for food and for travel are some of the most important lessons for life. This book has the advantages of inspiring both, through carefully selected international recipes from all over the world.
The book is written in a very easy way, with clear directions and specific details that should be considered by the parent - the sous-chef. The dishes are authentic, the information is serious, and serious is also the way in which the little one are introduced into the world of differences: 'Some children may seat on the floor, others at table'. 
The recipes - selected from China, Thailand, Morocco, Mauritius, Italy, Spain, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Brazil - are created independently for children, and designed to serve two adults and two children. Each chapter opens with a nice map, explaining various historical or geographical specificities. The average preparation is around one hour. For safety reasons, the recipes are adapted for oven. Besides the interesting recipes, the result of careful selection - did you know that cardamom bread is a typical Finnish recipe? - it also has various advices about creating a pleasant ambiance while cooking, such as collaborating for the success of the recipe or the setting of a musical background during the preparation. 
I've found the book really charming and interesting, and can't wait to test some recipes with my son, in the next 3 plus years.
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

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