Friday, January 26, 2018

Skin Care Product Review: Hyaluron Boost Concentrate, by Schaebens

I've reviewed a couple of Schaebens products in the last months, and the Hyaluron Boost Concentrate is by far one of the least interesting. It may be due to the relatively impractical way to use it, as it does not come as a capsule whose liquid can be easily taken out, but the liquid is contained in the recipient and it goes out upon applying a little hole in the foil. The result is that very often the liquid is not enough to cover properly the face and the neck.
However, when it comes to evaluate the results of applying the product - I used them for ten days, with a break of 2-days between - I was more than happy with the effects. It operates instantly and not only makes the skin looks fresh and youngish, but also smooth and with a silky texture. Although for the long-term it is not enough, as you need a special daily schedule of drinking liquids and healthy life, on the spot is produces very shining effects. It confirms the description provided by the company, according to which the results of applying the product are visible within 30 minutes upon applying. 
You can better apply it in the evening, allowing the liquid to develop during the night. Otherwise, some of the effects might be diminished because of using make-up and the usual face creams during the day.
Even though I was not very impressed by the product - compared to other similar skin care creations by this company or which I tried before - I can recommend it to busy women on the road, without too much time available for a proper skin care routine. It is more than affordable and can be purchased from the Rossmann drugstore chain. 

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