Monday, January 22, 2018

Tips to Take Care of Your Jewellery

If you are trying hard to keep your family jewellery and other special precious beautiful items safe, this post is aimed at helping you to do it better and smarter this year. Even if you have your grandmother's ring or your precious gemmstones you wanna give to your children one day, or only some tableware which you are using every day, I am happy to share some of my family tips or the results of some month-long research about this topic.

- Insure your Jewellery

You may live in the safest country in the world and have the high-tech home security system at home, but it is never 100% sure that you will never ever be the victim of a burglary. The more impressive your jewellery collection is the more pressing the need to insure your precious goods because all can just go in a minute...

- Ask an Expert

It is always very important that you have your own expert - or two - which are always there for you to help you fix some complicated issues regarding your jewellery or gemstones. The more diverse the portfolio the more relevant the need to have a regular contact with such a specialist that can guide you not only when there is a serious damage or reparation need, but also for the regular maintenance of your treasure.

- Mind the Special Storage Requirements

Until you find the expert, you may need to know that each special meal and gemstone require special storage conditions. For instance, pearls and diamonds need some moist temperature. Silver, in order to be have a minimal contact with air, should be kept in an aluminium cover. Also, each metal and gemstone should stay together in special containers and boxes - the fact that a ring is delivered in a small box is not only for aesthetic reasons...

- Clean Regularly

Being the owner of precious stones and jewellery means that you need to put aside some additional time to deal with the regular maintenance of your treasure. Some of them - silver tableware and Judaica - need to be polished at least every month. In my family, the popular wisdom which actually worked very well was to use for cleaning the silver either toothpaste or some cigarettes ashes. The results were always perfect, but nowadays there are so many smart solutions that you can use...
Many gemstones need to be cleaned with warm water and a special brush - by default, you can use a soft tooth brush as well.
Use a clean cloth for shining your gold or silver at least every couple of weeks. 

- Avoid Contact with Chemicals

The role of the expert is also to recommend what are the best solutions for cleaning your specific piece of jewellery. In any case, there are a couple of chemical substances - like hair care, nail polish, paints - which are death enemies to your jewellery. Therefore, the need to always keep your jewellery in a space where the contact with such substance is avoided. 

- Take them Off when in the Kitchen or at Sports

Besides the fact that you can easily lose them when in the middle of various adrenaline-boosting activities, the sweat is also an enemy of some metals. When in the kitchen, you should avoid the contact with various liquids - vinegar can be the good friend for some, but the enemy for the others. When you know that you are supposed to get involved in such activities, you better keep your jewellery in their safe while enjoying your hobbys. 

What about you? What are your best tips for high maintenance of your jewellery? Can't wait to read them...

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