Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The First Skin Care Treatment of the Year: ISANA Hydro Booster

The first ten days of 2018 are already gone but I haven't been idle, with a lot of projects ongoing and blogging idea on their way to becoming reality. Meanwhile, I tried to do not neglect my beauty and skin treatments, but as for now I am pretty busy with baby and business stuff, it is almost impossible to find some proper time for myself to get away of everything and book one full hour of massage or proper skin care treatment. For such cases, there are the many modern investions which make the life of a woman easier and also with a lighter investment. As usual, my favorite beauty capsules are doing their work while I am writing articles or pitches for my next campaigns. 
For the last week, I added to my daily routine a hydration treatment by ISANA - The 7-day Hydro Booster capsules, with ginkgo and vitamin E. Their aim is to increase the level of hydration while it also offers protection against the aggressive sun rays, especially in the summer.
Everything you need for a proper face coverage is included in the small capsule. Compared to other occasions, I realized that the liquid might not be enough to cover the neck properly but otherwise the coverage on the face was more than enough, given that the liquid is pretty oily. I preferred to use it in the evening, to offer enough development time over night. During the 'treatment' week, I did not experience any reaction, allergic or of any other kind. The recommended treatment is of over 2 weeks, for reaching at least a 20% increase of hydration. 
The capsules are available at any Rossmann drugstore near you.   

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