Monday, February 21, 2011

Lust auf Muffins is back (P)

At the end of the last year, I was offered the opportunity to acquire an amazing Muffins set from the CSN Stores. In was extremely excited by this opportunity, but probably my joy was so big that wasn't able to make the next step: test the product instantly.

I love to taste and see the puffy muffins, mostly early in the morning with my cup of coffee, but in the last months, my culinar curiosities went in various directions and didn't have too much fun for trying oldies - but goldies - recipes.

But, at the end of the last week, I discovered the muffins set sadly laying down on the shelf, a bit dusty...and I decided to offer my family a classical muffins meal. And it was a good choice, as the set is very helpful in delivering good and high-quality results: low risk of burning, because of the proper metal texture; easy to pour exactly the required quantity for having the perfect puffiness; not too difficult to clean after the work is done. 

So proud of my choice! And, my family is very happy and is waiting for more creative recipes - which wasn't the case this time, as it was a kind of basic test of the qualities of my gift! 
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