Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Launching a new writing/cooking project: Interviews with women chefs!

Did you ever wonder where are the women chefs? Don't tell me they are in the kitchen too busy cooking for writing about their world! As a very new entry in the world of cooking and restaurants, I've read a lot of books and articles about the wonderful art of chefs and their lovely supporting wives or girl friends. How they were inspired by a mother, a grandmother or an aunt, how they were able to find their way in a relatively difficult and competitive world of recipes!

Till now, the women memoirs I've read are focused on their experiences learning how to cook in order to offer their families the best meals. Or eventually, writing a book or an article about that. What about, being themselves good and famous chefs in famous restaurants? I have no idea how I missed such information and yesterday, while on the road reading another book about chefs and their adventures, I decided that I want to explore more the issue of women in the big kitchen. 

In other words: Where are the women chefs hiding? What is their life about? What are their management and leadership tips? How do they relate to the men's world? Or, it is something like a gender difference when it comes to cooking?

In the next months, I plan to dedicate a big amount of space on my blog to those wonderful women and their cooking journeys. At this stage of the project, I am looking for suggestions and ideas about who I might interview as well as books and articles on this subject! The project is not limited to the English speaking realm! 

I am looking for ideas and suggestions, here on the blog or at the e-mail address: boiledwords (at) gmail (dot) com

Keep in touch!

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