Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time for a cup of tea - Rooibos Tea Sahne Karamell, by Rossmann

I am doing my best to understand and taste more teas, and for now, I am on the good way. At least once in a while I am testing a new sort trying to read the flavours and understand the pleasantness. 
A couple of weeks ago, I dared to have one, two, three times a special kind of Rooibos Tea: Sahne Karamell, available at the usual Rossmann drugstore. 
As usual, I did not add any sugar, even I am sure that a little bit of brown one doesn't hurt. I left the little bag for around 6 minutes. At the first gulp, it has a very rich taste that gets better and better till the end of the experience. 
One of the reasons why I usually avoid teas sometimes, is because I am easily disappointed when I see that it smells much stronger and better than it tastes. It is almost the same in this case, but somehow, good enough to reduce my disappointment by half.
It is preferably in the evening, with some biscuits for a change. 

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