Friday, April 15, 2016

5 casual outfits from H&M

With the real summer and the warm season about to start, more and more outfits are needed. For me, as a very - maybe too - active mom, having a diverse wardrobe ready to change and match for different occasions, is a priority. As pregnancy and birth did not changed too much my size, I feel free to use old stuff, but it is never enough and new items are more than welcomed. The everyday look is always easy to adapt and change and right now it is the right moment for an update.
During my latest trip to a H&M store in Berlin, my eyes and purse were caught up by these 5 casual outfits:
Flower midi blouse, available for 14.99 EUR. In the picture there is the XS size features, but all other size options are available. The predominant dark colours makes it less joyous, but if you match it with a yellow or pink or light blue skirt, you can obtain some blooming colours effect.
Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs - on sale! Prices between 3-10 EUR. I never have enough of scarfs and my collection is updated permanently. These ones are good for any occasion, part of the day or season, as a scarf or head covering. 
Square shirt with long sleeves, 24.99 EUR. I am not too much into working-casual, western style, but this shirt is made of quality material and gives you a youngish, school-girl like took. 
For keeping up with the sport style, this long sleeve midi T-shirt is made of a very thin material. Avaiable for 9.99 is also produced in the XS version. It goes well in the late spring or mid-summer, accompanied by some gray shoes or some denim skirt.
In case you are looking for a bit of casual sophistication, this red skirt, with the cotton lace and the different sizes of layers is my recommendation. Available for 14.99 EUR - sales season, it can be the piece of resistance of an outfit which also includes denim skirt, white or blue or black skirt. A skirt with some flower imprint is a good idea too. 

What about you, what are your spring casual outfits?

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