Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to start loving your body

In our teen years or later in life, with or without a reason, every woman goes at least once in her lifetime through a bad relationship with her body. Blame the society, the media, the stereotypes...the reasons do not matter always too much, but the effect on our self-awareness and even health can be devastating. Strict diets, psychological pain, tensed social relationships.
Although we cannot predict when this crisis will take place, at least we can learn how to cope with them in a delicate and constructive way. 
Based on her experience, not always happyLaura Fenamore elaborated a couple of advices aimed to stop our negative way of treating ourselves. 'I went from being totally irresponsible with my health, and with my heart, to being completely devoted to self-care and self-love'. This wisdom does not come overnight and the author herself needed a lot of time and failures to find her way. But, the most important is to be positive and turn every experience we go through into an asset for our inner development. 'Though we don't always succeed at what we set to accomplish, that does not make our efforts failures'. Finding the right support either as a group or as an individual is very important in some stages of the development. 
For someone being victim of abuse and unhappy life occurences being a victim and keep being one the entire life is a logical result. However, it is possible to go beyond the paradigm of 'victim stories' that 'keep us stuck'. 'After recognizing that we are not in fact a victim of anything or anyone, we are able to take back our power and take control of our eating habits, lifestyle and ultimately, our happiness'. 
In this process, the laws of attraction are very important and my personal experience too proves the importance of a positive mind. Good things start simply to happen to those who are wishing for. Just because. 
Being in love with ourselves is the beginning of normality and of a meaningfulife celebrating the present and using every moment of life for being grateful and happy. 'When we fall in love with ourselves (...) we begin to fell a deep sense of self-care and want to nourish our bodies with what is best for them'. 
A book recommended to anyone interested in increasing self-respect and understanding our bodies not like standards expected by the society but as a way of expressing ourselves. It is well written and can be easily read. My only regret is that there are not too many examples offered which can offer even more inspiration and guidance to the reader.  
Disclaimer: I was offered the book via, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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