Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer sealife surprise from Rossmann!

Every couple of months, Rossmann surprises me with a secret big package arriving to my door, with some of their newest and top season's releases! Besides being a regular buyer of their products - especially for children and beauty and make-up, I also love how, compared to many other German companies they are working regularly with bloggers and influencers for the promotion of their products. 
This time, their surprise package included a couple of products that suits a busy yet stylish summer. The package, although naively painted with seahorses and funny colourful sea creatures and vegetation, was gay enough to keep me thinking over and over again about summer near the sea shores - which will happen for me only in one month time, and can't wait to see the sea again.

If you are looking for some efficient and unique shower gels, those two Exclusive Edition products are the right choice: with fruit-flower, respectively fruit fragrance, they add a joyful note to your morning, regardless if you are out for a day full of meetings or for catching the train to your countryside home stay. The blue sponge and a mermaid glossy pocket where you can store the precious shower gels are a good match. Plus, a dark blue shower towel and some funny colourful stickers to give to your children too.
Those products are ageless and fill the air with a pleasant note. A reminder that summer vacations are only a couple of days away and that you need some you-time that this time, you can also share with the rest of your family. 

Disclaimer: Products offered through Rossmann Blogger Community program, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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