Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wrapping Up the Busy Month of May

The month of May was a really crazy month for the business, the very good kind of crazy. The more I am getting more and more into serious and work challenges of the real world, the more I am back to my unhealthy workaholic habits. Indeed, my account is pretty happy, but what about my health and my family relationships? Once upon a time I was really proud of my resilience and ambition, but right now, with the little demanding baby around and no one else to assume the parenting responsibilities, it looks like a little difficult. Not impossible though, although the first victim from my previously short-lived easy life were the healthy sleeping habits. Meaning, that I'm back to the 3-4 hours of sleep by night, and a roller-coaster of a life the rest of the day. 
Been there, done that, and old habits die hard, but however, I am trying my best to find the best way for a little balance - like spending the weekend out of the work assignments, taking some time from my work to cuddle the baby, prepare the food and answer his questions. However, is never enough being said of the challenges of a single mother with a small baby, whose father assumes no real responsibilities. There is not too much choice being left: on one side, there is the high probability of being bankrupt, poor and depressed; on the bright side, you (I) keep fighting for your rights and the best for your child. It is very hard and depression may be around the corner as well, but surrounded by friends, a good family therapist and using the intelligence and skills Gd gave you, you can do it. I am doing it every day, so you can do it too.
In addition to this, my dental surgery kept making me a lot of problems - especially in terms of eating challenges - and hopefully I can write more about it soon. 
Back to the business track and blogging plans, I expect June to be pretty intense as well in terms of working, but there is the 3-week holidays waiting for us at the end of it. I have lots of posts from the last months that I didn't have time to publish and edit yet, a couple of recipes I would love to try, and interesting cookbooks, and also some great parenting books too. My focus will be about how to improve my life quality standards and create some wellness and mindfulness islands in the sea of crazy work assignments and baby tantrums. 
That's all for now, it is Sunday and I'm free to spend some great time with my baby!

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