Monday, June 20, 2011

Eat, memory

This is exactly the kind of the book that you need when you ask yourself skeptically what are you writing for. As I didn't write on the blog for almost two months - altough I often felt guilty for my laziness - I tried for a couple of times to go beyond the limits of my - sometimes - clusmy words. I was not happy with the content - excepting the pictures - with the wording and everything related to language. I even stop making intersting meals, resuming our dinners to boring pasta and maybe some creative eggplants. 
The alarm clock was the cheesecake for Shavuot. Once upon a time I did 2-3 recipes, all of them being considered a pleasure for the palate of my guests. This year, I did only one and I was completely unsatisfied with the result - maybe too salty - despite the hungry rush of my dear ones to finish it in just a couple of hours.
And I waited again, for more than one week, for inspiration to reshape my timid life of juggler with words. This book, I bought more because of the very cheap price instead of the quality of the writings - I didn't know none of the writers - reminded me that writing about eating and food and cooking is not only cooking the right recipe, but also about telling the story of the food you make, the thoughts you have - not necessarily related to food - and the translation into words of sounds and smells and tastes. 
I will fully recommend it to anyone fighting writers' block or any other kind of block. Welcome back in my world of boiled words! Happy to be back here and promise to continue the good work.