Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stories about sandwiches

It is no secret that I love mornings. Preferably late morning when I do not have too many things to do, except to sip my strong coffee, start a new book and eat a healthy breakfast. I try as much as possible to offer such a pleasure at least once the week, very often on Fridays, when on purpose I diminish the volume of work by half.
But I am also a creative person and I want to try and taste new things and thus the breakfast changes very often the menu - excepting the coffee that should always be strong and big.
The latest topic of the last days is how to find and test new recipes for sandwiches.
By now, I tried:
- Eggplant+goat cheese+tomato paste
- Scrambled eggs+Mexican chicken pastrami+tomatoes
- Ruccola+corn+cheese+walnuts+olive oil
- Corn+walnuts+olive oil+tomatoes+Cedar cheese
- Tofu cheese+scrambled eggs+chicken pastrami

And it seems it is only the beginning...