Friday, May 24, 2013

I love breakfasts

I am getting ready to have a nice Shabbos meal right now, but only once in the week I am looking forward to enjoy the supper. For the rest of the week, the breakfast is the most important guests and I always start the day with a delicious introduction. Even if I wake up late, at 11 o'clock and the lunch is close, I never jump in the day without a big coffee (the most important coffee of the day) something salty and something sweet (a cake or some cornflakes, usually; the fruits are left for the evening or for the afternoon snack). The omelette is one of my many weakest points as a so-called chef as in the majority of cases it always look like torn into small little pieces (the same with my pancakes). The advantage of reading a lot, including about food is that sooner or later you are closer to solutions that you could not imagine otherwise. Apparently, the remedy for my bad looking omelettes was a spoon of flour. I've read the tip in a book about the Persian cuisine and the next day I woke up early to try it. It worked, but the omelette in the picture was made of 5 eggs (and half of it was kept for the lunch as well). Together with my salad of Camembert, coriander and cherry tomatoes I had the best supply of energy for another busy, very busy day!

Cheese strawberries

I am so happy to spend a considerable amount of time online. In one of my Facebook group dedicated to Shavuos recipes - I know it was quite a long time ago, but I was quite a busy with other projects - someone posted a link from the Sweetslife and somehow I stumbled about this incredible recipe.
It can be done in a couple of minutes, the only problem may be the careful scooping of the middle of the strawberries. You may fail 1-2 times, but out of a 500 g box you may succeed to have at least 15 successful strawberries. The filling can be done very easy, in less than 10 minutes: I used a plain cheese where I added around one cup of sugar. For the choco addicts, it also works with some spoons of cocoa or even with some coconut chips. Once you fill the strawberries, you bake them for 10 minutes in the oven and that's all. To be served with some icecream, whipped cream or as simple as in the picture. As far as I remember it tasted very good, but I was able to grab only one single piece. I was told that I should read the situation as the message of a high appreciation for my simple food. 

Fast gefillte mushrooms

Even though I do not have too much pressure lately to finish cooking while working hard, the writing and reading takes a lot of time and energy and once in a while I found myself looking for fast and delicious yet new recipes. For the Shavuos, I am very good at the cheesecake part of the menu, but I am not too inspired when it comes to the side and salty dishes in general. Thus, I asked around and I was recommended, without the recipe, the gefillte mushrooms (probably the reference was given in relation with my long love for gefillte fish, that I still need to learn how to prepare - one day). 
I don't know how I did not think about it before, but the preparation of the filling included: some simple cheese cream and a bit of salt. I added for each mushroom a drop of pumpkin oil and some walnuts. A leaf of coriander is welcomed, as I discovered one week later when I was asked to repeat the recipe for Shabbos. 
It takes around 10 minutes to prepare the mushrooms and another 20 minutes to bake them. In a matter of seconds, they will disappear from the table.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bee surprises!

A special stamp on the package
I was enjoying a lazy late morning, with my unhealthy cup of coffee and some orange juice, trying to figure out what I want and don't want to do today. My working desk is overcrowded with books so apparently there are things to be done, many of them with an emergency mark under, but still, the sun is shining and my mind is longing for a relaxing going out at a picnic.

My goodies bag 
My relative absence from the blog may certify the lazy lifestyle I am following, but I am quite active in my online world - on Twitter - @Boiledwords - among others. Anyway, while lost in my dreams about a very good life, I was brought back to reality by a ring at my door. I still hoped that there are some kids with advertising and thus I did not need to go out to open the door. It was more than that and the surprise was a package from Beecology. I opened it and a pleasant home smell entered my working room, a reminder of my childhood when I used to spend a lot of time in the summer in the countryside, close to families producing natural honey. 

As anyone guessed, Beecology has to do with the lovely bees. Created six years ago, following the direct experience with the secret life of bees, the company produces natural skincare and hair products based on honey and beewax. All their products are at least 95% renewable and are based on naturally-derived ingredients such as corn, soy and coconut. The basket of products includes: lip balm soaps, shampoos, conditioners and various lotions. 20% of the net profit is directed to charitable causes. they have stores in Canada, India and the US.

The products are waiting to be tested, and I can't wait to be back soon with many BEEutiful reviews. Be back soon!