Monday, December 8, 2014

Interior design inspiration in Dresden: Vivere Shop

Visiting various interior design shops is usually part of my daily travel schedule. Although not as often as I would like to, I succeed to discover a lot of interesting ideas and inspiration that although I will not put into practise, at least will bring a little bit of colour into my life. During my one-day trip to Dresden, I had a (too) short stop at the Vivere shop, on Wilsdruffer Street no. 9. It is situated on the ground level of a communist-looking block of houses, but once I spotted the asymmetrical chairs at the entrance, the grey feeling dissipated instantly, being replaced by the joy of life in all colours. 
The style of most of the pieces of furniture, not necessarily organized according to any criteria, is very modern, with simple objects, that match the need for simplicity and space constraints of the modern world. 
One or two piece can be enough to create cosy ambiances. Given the prices - around 40 Eur. for a flower-like pillow - the budget might be limited, but the live in Dresden, at least for now, it's cheap enough to afford some savings for interior design decorations.
Some ideas are very simple, and as usual, the concerns for not taking too much space are one of the main feature of the objects presented in the shop.  
The pillows were one of my favourite. The materials used are relatively simple, but the design can change the perspective on the whole room!
 The old-looking clock can be easily integrated in different kinds of design contexts.
 The same about the funny hangers, that can be primarily used for the children room, but not only.
 With the omnipresent owls, at a more than affordable price.
This support for forks and knives, available for around 400 Eur. can be a good idea for a crowded kitchen. Especially if you have in mind the usual small kitchens that you might find in the average German apartments. 
Some parts of the shop - which is expanded on two levels - are offering samples of room corners. At least this corner reminded me of some old style former communist Germany interiors. The leather shaped chairs added to the wooden simple table, look very serious. 
But there are also some modern settings too. Some of the lamps are made of simple materials, but their price can go to around 1,200 EUR.
And if there is hard to make a choice, asking one of the specialists of the shop. Not an outstanding example of friendly customer service, but you can make your way through the many options offered by Vivere.
With choices for all tastes and budgets, Vivere is a good option to keep in mind if looking for some interesting interior design solutions for your Dresden home.