Friday, January 26, 2018

Skin Care Product Review: Hyaluron Boost Concentrate, by Schaebens

I've reviewed a couple of Schaebens products in the last months, and the Hyaluron Boost Concentrate is by far one of the least interesting. It may be due to the relatively impractical way to use it, as it does not come as a capsule whose liquid can be easily taken out, but the liquid is contained in the recipient and it goes out upon applying a little hole in the foil. The result is that very often the liquid is not enough to cover properly the face and the neck.
However, when it comes to evaluate the results of applying the product - I used them for ten days, with a break of 2-days between - I was more than happy with the effects. It operates instantly and not only makes the skin looks fresh and youngish, but also smooth and with a silky texture. Although for the long-term it is not enough, as you need a special daily schedule of drinking liquids and healthy life, on the spot is produces very shining effects. It confirms the description provided by the company, according to which the results of applying the product are visible within 30 minutes upon applying. 
You can better apply it in the evening, allowing the liquid to develop during the night. Otherwise, some of the effects might be diminished because of using make-up and the usual face creams during the day.
Even though I was not very impressed by the product - compared to other similar skin care creations by this company or which I tried before - I can recommend it to busy women on the road, without too much time available for a proper skin care routine. It is more than affordable and can be purchased from the Rossmann drugstore chain. 

Experiencing with Eggplant

Eggplant is one of those vegetables which are prepared in my house every couple of months but no more than once the year. It is my way to say that, in fact, I don't like eggplant as much and if not for some books which make everything simple and tasty, I would not want to deal with it at all. In fact, not long ago, there were years since I was tasting any bit of eggplant. Trying new recipes and putting my tastebuds on trial is an interesting experience anyway, therefore after a couple of weeks of thinking I decided to finally use that eggplant languishing in my fridge.
For one hour, I tried to combine one moderately sized eggplant with different tastes and ingredients. The results were satisfactory, but it was more burned smell than necessary. Not sure if I would try anything soon - maybe, finally some Babaganoush one day - as for now, I am just gathering various experiences about this mysterious and not always easy going vegetable.
Here is my short cooking story:
I started by washing the eggplant and cutting the head. Next, I've sliced it into thin rounds, allowing a fast and efficient frying. I heated 3 tablespoons olive oil in the pan at 250 for 5 minutes prior to the frying. 
I tried to use different ingredients for each batch of eggplants. I fried 3 of them at once, allowing enough space to absorb the oil. In one case, I only added a pinch of sea salt. In another I added some Osem soup seasoning. In another I added some small slice on yellow cheese on the top. Black or Cayenne pepper are also good solutions. 
From the pan, I set the eggplant slices to rest on some absorbing paper to take the oil excess out. 
As side dips, my choice was relatively simple: some plain fresh yogourt and a very spicey soy sauce. 
Despite the smoke smell, it was a relatively easy dish, with a variety of tastes. I had them in a simple way, without anything else but fresh cherry tomatoes and some avocado. 
A great meal for a lazy evening at home after a full day of work, whose creation requests a bit of imagination and taste creativity.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Amazing selection of Bobbi Boss Wigs

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Divatress, but the opinions are, as usual, my own. On this blog, I always recommend products that I will happily try myself.

Either you are a religious woman following the requirement of covering your hair or you have personal and style issues with your hair, there are a couple of reasons that you may consider before buying a wig. Some might be careful to avoid natural hair (also for religious reasons), some may consider different lengths or other aspects that may interfer with the religious considerations about modesty, or in many cases, the price is prohibitive enough to prefer to wear a hat or a tichel/simple headscarf instead. After all, paying 10,000 USD and even more for a gorgeous wig sounds a bit overrated and not as modest as all, regardless of your financial status.  
All those considerations put aside, there are many women which are unhappy with the texture of their hair or who just would love a personal change. And if you ever noticed how much the hair can completely change the way you look you know what I am talking about. I've seen people in their late 60s, that won at least 10 years while wearing a good wig. Why to keep being unhappy with your hair and your look in general, when you can actually do something to improve this situation without a hair implant or hair extensions, which might be expensive and not always that change that you wanted for your hair and your look? Even if you apply the famous 'new hair new life' motto, you may realise that in fact, it is still a permanent solution and if you really want a new look, your current situation may not look that much. You cannot keep changing the colour of your hair all the time, and until you will reach an acceptable hair length it may take a long, way too long, amount of time.
Actually there are much easier solutions around the corner. Why not trying to wear a wig only because you really need something different in your life and all good things starts in the head, isn't it?
Divatress, a company specialized in bigs and hair care products, offers an amazing variety of wigs for all styles and individual choices. With customers ranging from hair stylists and beauticians to simple working modern mothers and young students ready for a personal challenge, it has affordable prices for hundreds of products covering all the possible styles: ponytails, braiding hair, half wigs, lace front wigs, available in both natural and synthetic hair. 
Beauty, especially when it comes to hair, means different colours and styles, and bobbi boss is the right destination for your search for freedom and independent lifestyle. With 177 products available, I had a hard time to decide which one would it be my one and only.
Here is my selection of best 4, that are also available in more than one hair colour. In most cases, the prices are under 100 USD, which is a great deal, if you are familiar with the regular prices of such hair products. Given that you may need some extra money for the styling and the regular washing and maintenance, it is more than a super deal. Therefore, purchasing more than a wig is a very affordable solution. After all, you deserve it!
Bobbi Boss Swiss Lace Front Wig-MLF-16 Irynn
Bobbi Boss Swiss Lace Front Wig - MLF-168 Judie

Bobbi Boss Swiss Lace Front Wig - MLF-147 Chiffon

Bobbi Boss Remi Lace Front Wig – MHLF-F

Let it 2018 be your year when many of you, independent free women around, will be able to reach your personal potential. Your self-confidence is more than an outfit or a new hair style, but sometimes, it can start with it.

The photos are from the Divatress website, upon permission

Monday, January 22, 2018

An Exotic Bowl: The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook

I am always curious to try unusual fruits and vegetables, because this diversity shows how rich and extraordinary our world is. However, when it comes to introducing them into the daily menu, my brave curiosity stops only at tasting them, one bit at a time. As for now, my best source of 'exotic' fruits and vegetables is my Asian markt but I would be very curious to try other products from South-America for instance, which are almost impossible to be found in Germany in their fresh state. 
Compared to California, the source of products distributed at the iconic Berkeley Bowl market, Germany has a very unfriendly weather therefore, creating local variants is almost impossible. Registered dietician Laura McLively created an unique book based on her own exploration of 'one of the nation's most renowed retailer of exotic fruits and vegetables'. Since the late 1970s, the Berkeley Bowl is following a very simple yet efficient motto: 'If we can find it, we'll buy it', offering to its customers unique and fresh products, mostly produced under the Californian sun. 
The recipes created by Laura McLively sound very exotic, but as long as you have the right ingredients, especially spices, the preparation is going on smoothly and not too much time is required. The names of the recipes are entincing, each being an invitation to a delicious feast. Some of my favorite are: roasted chestnut chocolate tarte, abalone mushroom schnitzel, grilled cheese with mezuna, dates and goat cheese, banana blossom with glass boodles and crispy garlic, vanilla rhubarb jam, malanga masala latkes, persimmon gingersoup smoothie, chrysantenum greens and turnip fried rice, green papaya gazpacho. The selection is really exquisite and my tastebud imagination is soo limited to imagine all those flavors without trying them. A combination of meals for a full menu is also available. 
Even if you cannot try all those flavors and special products, at least this book looks that if they were left on this earth, alongside with other interesting spices, you can try to match them and create unique bowls. The power of imagination is always on the side of those who dare.
The book will be released in the first part of April, so unfortunatelly there is no chance to try any of those unique fruits for this Tu B'Shvat holiday, but at least you can save some of the recipes for a late date.

Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Tips to Take Care of Your Jewellery

If you are trying hard to keep your family jewellery and other special precious beautiful items safe, this post is aimed at helping you to do it better and smarter this year. Even if you have your grandmother's ring or your precious gemmstones you wanna give to your children one day, or only some tableware which you are using every day, I am happy to share some of my family tips or the results of some month-long research about this topic.

- Insure your Jewellery

You may live in the safest country in the world and have the high-tech home security system at home, but it is never 100% sure that you will never ever be the victim of a burglary. The more impressive your jewellery collection is the more pressing the need to insure your precious goods because all can just go in a minute...

- Ask an Expert

It is always very important that you have your own expert - or two - which are always there for you to help you fix some complicated issues regarding your jewellery or gemstones. The more diverse the portfolio the more relevant the need to have a regular contact with such a specialist that can guide you not only when there is a serious damage or reparation need, but also for the regular maintenance of your treasure.

- Mind the Special Storage Requirements

Until you find the expert, you may need to know that each special meal and gemstone require special storage conditions. For instance, pearls and diamonds need some moist temperature. Silver, in order to be have a minimal contact with air, should be kept in an aluminium cover. Also, each metal and gemstone should stay together in special containers and boxes - the fact that a ring is delivered in a small box is not only for aesthetic reasons...

- Clean Regularly

Being the owner of precious stones and jewellery means that you need to put aside some additional time to deal with the regular maintenance of your treasure. Some of them - silver tableware and Judaica - need to be polished at least every month. In my family, the popular wisdom which actually worked very well was to use for cleaning the silver either toothpaste or some cigarettes ashes. The results were always perfect, but nowadays there are so many smart solutions that you can use...
Many gemstones need to be cleaned with warm water and a special brush - by default, you can use a soft tooth brush as well.
Use a clean cloth for shining your gold or silver at least every couple of weeks. 

- Avoid Contact with Chemicals

The role of the expert is also to recommend what are the best solutions for cleaning your specific piece of jewellery. In any case, there are a couple of chemical substances - like hair care, nail polish, paints - which are death enemies to your jewellery. Therefore, the need to always keep your jewellery in a space where the contact with such substance is avoided. 

- Take them Off when in the Kitchen or at Sports

Besides the fact that you can easily lose them when in the middle of various adrenaline-boosting activities, the sweat is also an enemy of some metals. When in the kitchen, you should avoid the contact with various liquids - vinegar can be the good friend for some, but the enemy for the others. When you know that you are supposed to get involved in such activities, you better keep your jewellery in their safe while enjoying your hobbys. 

What about you? What are your best tips for high maintenance of your jewellery? Can't wait to read them...

Monday, January 15, 2018

My (Very) Pink Bag is Waiting for the Summer...

Isn't it summer yet? Not yet? For how long I have to wait more? With cold temperatures that makes your breathing hard, and temptation to add as many anti-fashion layers because, you know...better safe than sorry...summer looks like one of those open-eyes dream nurtured while staring at Instagram feeds from happier places than yours. But everything is short-term in this life, and as I am a big supporter of planning, I am preparing meanwhile to welcome the summer with the perfect, colourful, happy mood inducing outfits. 
Let's start with a bag then. A big pink bag, which I received via a partnership I made in the second half of December last year with Eva Leather, a company based in Guangzhou, SE of China, which creates fashion bags and designer inspired hand bags. The company was founded in 2012 and has a large variety of products that can be purchased online. The delivery was relatively fast - within one working week. They have their own loyalty points system for their regular customers and a money back guarantee policy. 
Talking about the bag...It was delivered in a small bag cover which allows to keep it in the closet safely until you have the right opportunity to wear it. At first, I was a bit in doubt about the colour but you can easily match it with various other summer colours, like green, yellow, a smart black dress and any kind of floral dresses - which I love very much, by the way. It is made of Togo leather, which is anti-scratch and finelly textured calf leather. It doesn't smell and looks like a great accessorize to wear at the beach, at a smart meeting, on a date and for an evening out with your favorite girlfriends. The choice is yours.
It has also a gold-tone hardware, with flap and padlock closure, which suits it elegantly and creates a smart diversion from the too much pink colour of the surface. It comes with a padlock, a leather strip and a key, which is a great safety especially if you plan to bring the bag on your long or short-term travels.
I personally always like to travel with a stylish touch, and my big problem is that I can rarely find an alternative to backpacks when it comes to bringing out a lot of things that I usually need while on the road, especially my professional camera, my notebook, my agenda plus pens, documents, my small makeup bag, a book or my tablet with my Kindle, a charger...The good news is that soon I will be able to take all of them in my pink bag from Eva Leather, because it has plenty of space for such a long list of necessary things to carry on. 
You can also organise your stuff smartly, as the bag has an inside zipper pocket and one large open pocket. The key gives you a great deal of safety to keep your things in your safe hands while on the road.
My conclusion is that this bag is strongly recommended to busy modern women like me and you, it offers a lot of possibility of wearing it and enough space to carry it with you all round the clock. As it is available in other - more 'serious' colours too, I would have rather prefer another colour, but this happy pink is not such a fashion catastrophy anyway and I am looking further to match it with some of my colourful outfits too. 
Now, I only need the summer for showing it - and colourful me, to the world. 

Disclaimer: Bag offered by Eva Leather for review in exchange for an honest review

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Greek Salad with Feta Croutons via Busy in Brooklyn

If you ask me what are the kosher food bloggers I follow the most and are more inspiring, Busy in Brooklyn makes it definitely to the three first. Her recipes are delicious, her photos are enticing and the idea to create kosher variants of Asian recipes is genius.
I tried this beautiful - in the original format - recipe of Greek Salad with Feta Croutons for my Hanukkah menu but it wasn't as perfect as I was expected, only because my cooking skills do need a lot - a whole lot - of upgrades and improvement(s). Breading the feta cheese was the main problem and I definitely need more opportunities to try my hand in the coming months. The idea was tasty and the combination of olives, parsley and goat cheese - which I really love - was very energizing. Most probably I would love to repeat the recipe one more time, not only to create a better breading, but also for that goat cheese taste.

Here is my own variant of the recipe. If you really want a more professional approach, check the wonderful post by Busy in Brooklyn and many other of her delicious kosher recipes.  


250 gr. goat feta cheese, cut into cubes
1/3 cup white flour
1 cup crumbs
1 cup parsley, chopped
1 tablespoon lemon
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 cup black olives halved
2 beaten eggs
250 ml. or more cooking oil
1 tablespoon olive oil.

You can also use 250 gr. cherry tomatoes, halved and 1/2 onion, chopped


Set up 3 bowls: one for the crumbs and lemon juice; one for the eggs beaten and 1/2 teaspoon salt; another for the flour, the rest of salt and the pepper.
Add the oil in the pan and heat it to 250C. For each cube of feta, cover first in the eggs composition, follow by the flour and finish with the crumbs coating. Then fry it in the pan until golden. Repeat the experience with all the cubes. Let them to rest on paper towel to eliminate the additional oil.
Meanwhile, add the lemon, parsley - eventually onions and tomatoes - in a big bowl and mix them with lemon and some salt and pepper on taste. Add the crumbs, possibly with some traces of olive oil.  
That's all...

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Serves: 3

Bon Appétit!

The First Skin Care Treatment of the Year: ISANA Hydro Booster

The first ten days of 2018 are already gone but I haven't been idle, with a lot of projects ongoing and blogging idea on their way to becoming reality. Meanwhile, I tried to do not neglect my beauty and skin treatments, but as for now I am pretty busy with baby and business stuff, it is almost impossible to find some proper time for myself to get away of everything and book one full hour of massage or proper skin care treatment. For such cases, there are the many modern investions which make the life of a woman easier and also with a lighter investment. As usual, my favorite beauty capsules are doing their work while I am writing articles or pitches for my next campaigns. 
For the last week, I added to my daily routine a hydration treatment by ISANA - The 7-day Hydro Booster capsules, with ginkgo and vitamin E. Their aim is to increase the level of hydration while it also offers protection against the aggressive sun rays, especially in the summer.
Everything you need for a proper face coverage is included in the small capsule. Compared to other occasions, I realized that the liquid might not be enough to cover the neck properly but otherwise the coverage on the face was more than enough, given that the liquid is pretty oily. I preferred to use it in the evening, to offer enough development time over night. During the 'treatment' week, I did not experience any reaction, allergic or of any other kind. The recommended treatment is of over 2 weeks, for reaching at least a 20% increase of hydration. 
The capsules are available at any Rossmann drugstore near you.   

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Perfect Winter Drink: Ginger, Pomegranate and Fresh Mint

Fresh drinks in the winter do require an additional dosis of vitamin. With so many sun-less days and nights starting around 4pm, we definitely need not only more light, but also those vitamins in our body that help to fight against low immunity, colds and in not a few cases, even depression.
As I like to stay both fit and hydrated, I created my own winter variant of lemonade, that in addition to lemon, it also has some useful cocktail of vitamin: pomegranate and ginger. Kept in the fridge for around 30 minutes creates a very pleasant refreshing effect. If you want to fight against the cold, you can also use warm water instead as a good remedy against cough and other unpleasant winter occurences.
It can be prepared within minutes and is a real good option for ending a busy first week of work in 2018.

1 cup of fresh mint leaves
1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds
500 ml. fresh cold/hot water

Add all the ingredients in the blender and mix for 2 minutes at moderate speed. Eventually, you may need to clean the liquid from the pomegranate seeds therefore you need a strainer. 

Serves: 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes

The best Antidote to Cold Winter Days: Rice Vermicelli Noodles

During my searches for finding the right rice vermicelli for preparing the special Persian dessert Faloodeh, I bought a full pack of Singapore noodles which I hardly used since then. As one of my promises for this year is to waste less food, I was thinking over and over again in the last days what to do with them. As I am rather the udon noodle kind of person, I needed more documentation to find the right way to match and cook them. However, as soon as I've read carefully the directions on the box of vermicelli, I realized how easy it can be and what a great idea would be to prepare some hot bowl for a relatively cold winter day - nothing compares with the NYC blizzard though...
Ingredients for one bowl of rice noodles
1 pack of rice Vermicelli Singapore noodles
1 big carrot, boiled and cut into rounds
1 cup canned peas
1 boiled egg - 6 minutes of boiling
1 cup of finely chopped mushrooms
1 tablespoon cooking oil. You can also use peanut oil for a stronger taste
1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce
1 pinch of black sesame seeds for the decoration


In a pan heated at 250C for 2-3 minutes, add the oil and the teriyaki sauce and mix well for a couple of minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients, one by one, and keep mixing. Three minutes before the frying is done, soak the noodles into hot water. The descriptions on the box says to only keep them in the hot water for 3 minutes and although I am usually quite creative and rarely follow fully the cooking/baking directions, this time it was different. The stone dried noodles are becoming fluid little by little under the effect of the hot water. 
Meanwhile, boil the egg
After the noodles are done, I added to the pan and mix it up for another 5 minutes. 
When ready, pour the noodles in the bowl, add the springle of black sesame seeds and the egg.
To be served hot and eating slowly slowly, with chopsticks and preferably accompanied by a pleasure slurp.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

Bon Appétit!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Keep a House Clean, Without Becoming OCD

Successfully managing a house, in addition to having a job, taking care of your kids, cooking and also taking care of yourself, at least couple minutes the day, is a stressful and almost impossoble mission. The easiest answer is to hire a cleaning lady or a house assistant which will do most of the job instead of you. This is also a solution. However, I think that before you are using external help, you need to know first how everything is going on and know for sure what to request and expect from the people working for you.
My problem was that actually, almost all my life I used to have people doing things for me, starting with my nanny and ending up with the people that used to take care of my house when I was too busy working and building a career. From many points of view, it was a good feeling to be back home and relax, play with the big kid and just enjoy my life. I was sure I wasn't missing that much from life by not being aware of what actually does it mean to properly take care of a house. 
A couple of years ago though, I decided that I need to know more directly about real life house management. I was so frustrated for not being able to deal with daily home chores properly that I was even ready to try getting a temporary job doing what other people used to do for me for years hoping to learn more on the job. Fortunately, I've decided instead to face my own limitations and move forward creating my own experiences. It was the hard way and it took me around 3 years to fully get into the mindset of a woman able to be in charge with her own home. Things went so fast that the last year I was able to successfully accomplish my first house renovation project, with all the painting and fixing stuff. 
After so many lows and few highs, I am finally able to share a couple of tips for a successful management of a clean house. I am aware that for many of my readers, my 'inspiration' is more than basic knowledge, but for someone who started a life project different of the one she grew up with, it is a great accomplishment and I hope at least to be able to inspire other women to test their limits, at least for a while. 

Clean House Management for Very Beginners

1. Plan!

Like in the case of everything you want to succeed in life, make a plan. For instance, at the beginning of every month - or week, for a busy full house - make a schedule of your cleaning plans. Start with the easiest one, which can be achieved very fast and end up with the complicated tasks, that may require a lot of time and dedication. I personally start the week on a Sunday and focus most of the complicated chores in this day. I do have one day the week for vacuuming - usually Friday morning, serious bathroom cleaning on Thursday evening, laundry on Sunday, kitchen fixing and pantry checking every two weeks.

2. Fix it on the spot!

I never been that kind of person obsessed with cleanliness but in some cases, you need to fix a problem when it occurs, unless it will be too late and more effort and energy will be requested. Did some hot wax from the candles at your party fell on the floor? Don't wait until tomorrow or the week after tomorrow when the spot will be hard as a stone to remove it. Do it when it happen, and in less than 5 minutes it will be completely clean out. 

3. Spare Your Energies!

I know how tempted you might be to clean the dishes every five minutes, before the mountain created by them is about to overflow all over the kitchen. But there will be more and more to come after you finish your meal therefore, what about taking your time, enjoying the food and freshly refuelled with energy, starting the terrific task of washing them? 

4. Delegate!

Doing all the house chores all by yourself it is a tremendous task, and sooner or later it will worn out. What about delegating some of the tasks? For instance, the big girl is in charge with taking the garbage out, someone is only washing the dishes, the other one is watering the flowers...It not only saves time but can also be an enjoyable family fun plan.

5. Keep the order!

The best happens when things do have a certain routine and order. It saves time and energy to have some specific benchmarks in your life and house too. Create specific places for things and request everyone to respect them. For instance, the shelf for baby t-shirts will always stay this way, and so it will be with the toys' corner. Upon arrival in the house, everyone is taking the shoes out and carrying them in the shoe rack. The computer is always in the same place and so are the chargers for my tablet and phone. As long as most things are in their place all the time, I avoid the situations when minutes or even hours are lost while looking for one thing or another. 

As my deep knowledge and insights about house management are advancing, I will keep sharing my impressions and experiences. Hopefully, it will help many other people like I used to be only less than 3 years ago. Let 2018 be a year of successes and better house management skills for everyone!

Do you have some smart house management skills to share? Can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

3 Tips to Waste Less Food in 2018

I bet I am not the only one that at least once every couple of weeks, should have a look in both the pantry and fridge and stuck afterwards the garbage with items that are far beyond the expiration date. It happens once, it happens twice it can happens every day, especially if you don't keep a track of your edible stuff in your house. Don't hurry up to judge...sometimes you just have only a limited amout of time to do the proper shopping and you can buy 4 boxes of rice in four different food shopping sprees because you are too stressed out to take the right decision with a clean mind. Or you simply forgot that you did it before. 
If you look at least at the level of the whole Europe, you are not the only one. According to the European Commission, 89 million tonnes of food are wasted every year only on the territory of the Union. This huge amount is the equivalent of 143 billion euro. You can spend an entire creative afternoon thinking about what can be done with this money. 
As a start, you can focus on the household level and start with a short and medium-term plan to improve your household foods management and reduce the amount of unopen or half-opened food landing in the garbage every day. On the medium and long term, it will also help you save money that you can spend on other pleasant delights or to a meal to a fancy restaurant or maybe some new make-up too.
Here are my top 3 tips to keep your waste levels low:

1. Plan your weekly meals

If you are into healthy meals and/or you have a big family and you are busy with work and life for the rest of the day, planning your weekly meals will also help you to have in the house the amount of foods you need only for a 7-day menu. At the beginning of each week, set up a list of the planned meals around the day. Once you have in mind a clear picture of what and how much you need, you can easily create healthy combinations with amounts that eventually can be easily used, long before they cannot be used.

2. Organise your pantry according to the expiration date

It sounds a bit OCD, I know, but especially if you are living in a big house, you may simply forget about what you have and for how long you can avoid using it. A couple of months ago, I bought a couple of Indian ready made powders for preparing traditional foods, but as I put them on the bottom of the pantry, I was only reminded about them when I accidentally stumbled upon them. It was too late to prepare my fast Indian meal, obviously. 

3. Think twice before you buy

As in the case of any other purchases, I keep asking myself: do I really need to buy this? Do you really need this truffle butter that you are the only one in the house who fancies it, instead of the normal butter for the sandwiches of the whole family? Obviously it will take more time to finish it and it is quite hard to match with every single kind of food, therefore, you may need long enough time to finish the jar, far beyond the expiration date. 

What about you? How do you plan to reduce the level of food waste this year? Any useful tips to share?