Monday, April 20, 2015

Fishing for creative ideas in London

Travel is on the top of my interests from an early age, but part of my nomadic experiences is also to observe and learn some new crafts and about new interior design simple decorations. As the last week I visited London for a day, I accidentally discovered some cute things that could not leave without taking a picture of.

First is that nice candles support, either as an elephant (photo above) or as cute fish. Made of metal and painted in different colours, with a special candle support inside you can use them in the garden, to hang out on a tree, for a romantic dinner outside or for a special mysterious late night party or only for decorations. You can also hang it in the balcony. The metal structure is safe so you don't have to worry if the candles are burning after you are sleeping. They look simple and can suit including children parties or almost any kind of special events.

I am very much in love with letters and frequently I also work for fun some as birthday collage suprises for children. Those silver ones are simple, big, and very chic. It shows that you can do so many things with letters and just a simple material, all you need is to look for something special and put your creativity at work.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pattern design: suggestions from masters

Trying to get the best of my Pesach chol hamoed free time, while keeping up with my motto of learning something new every day I tried to day to use the opportunity offered by skillshare to learn for free about surface design and creating patterns. The video classes by Jenna Frye are very easy, illustrative and very useful. The program yo need for the practice is Illustrator, from the Adobe Family. The course is rather an introduction into the topic, with some good examples to practice but if really interested in improving the knowledge, more skills and practice is needed.
As for now, I decided to move on and improve my visual knowledge about the topic, and did some research about some of the masters of patterns used as examples during the class. 

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidson brings into your home, at your table or on your body the charm of the British countryside. Her website offers regularly various discounts and the diversity of her motifs, built around a smooth base of mild colours brings peace to the eyes. Her products can be also ordered online and delivered in specific countries all over the world, including outside Europe.

Joel Dewberry

Joel Dewberry is another example of praising simplicity and classical beauty. His elegant collections cover clothes, interior design, upholstery, wallpapers. 

Flower: Eucalyptus Bazaar

Johannes Itten

We are entering the hall of art, as Itten is an expressionist painter, close to the Bauhaus movement, which developed an elaborated theory of colours. 


One of my favourite artists by far, Escher is the master of creating special effects through repetition. He combines architectural elements, with stylish fragments of nature and the inspiration of the Italian art and architecture.

Convexe and concave