Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beauty corner: Clean-up strips from Rival de Loop

As the air in Berlin is very fresh and the pollution is relatively limited, I do not need too many clearing products, but somehow, especially in the spring I need to intensify the number of skin products. For a long time, I was a faithful user of Nivea clear-up strips, with relatively good results. 
But I am known for my curiosity to try new products as well and for the last 4 weeks, I used the Rival de Loop Pure Skin Clear-up Strips, available at my local Rossmann at a very acceptable price - as everything that goes up by this company distributed by Rossmann.
Based on tea tree oil, it can be used for forehead, nose and chin. The application is relatively easy: you wet the strip with warm water, apply it in the areas with predisposition to black spots, wait for around 10-15 minutes, take it out and clean the skin with warm water. The results are relatively modest: it cleans the skin, but every time I needed to clean carefully the glue that remains on the skin, an experience that I did not have before. The skin looks clean, but not completely, and most likely you need to repeat the process in less than one week. 
Otherwise, if you need to make a small investment in your skin, you can do it. If not necessarily, you can wait a bit more and buy a product that is really high-quality from all points of view. 

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