Saturday, June 14, 2014

Schacht & Westerich shop in Hamburg, the house of paper

Situated in the chic Hansaviertel in Hamburg, Schacht & Westerich shop is the most recommended destination if looking for paper products, as well as writing instruments. Although the Montblanc pens, Moleskine notebooks and Faber Castell pencils are a predictable presence in such an high-end shop, the entire design and the special products distributed make this location unique for anyone looking to make his or her life a little bit more beautiful. 
Take, for instance, the fine wedding stationery, personalized enveloped and invitations for your wedding or any other special occasions. The customer service is friendly enough to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The shop also offers the possibility of online ordering. 
Leichhturm 1917 is considered the German answer to Moleskine. Established in Hamburg after 1948, it has nowadays representatives in over 50 cities.  
The prices are moderate to high, but for the origami and other creative projects, paper in various colours are available for very low prices. In any case, it's a quality investment.
For the traveler in me, the counter of stationery inspired by and dedicated to travel was the favourite corner.
Overall, a happy shopping experience and an interesting stylish discovery. The shop is quite big and with so many temptations around, expect to spend there at least one full and colourful hour.

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