Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interior design inspiration: Doğtaş Exclusive Shop in Berlin

Doğtaş Exclusive Shop in Berlin, and Germany, was opened relatively recently, on Lietzenburgerstrasse 69-71. It is situated very close to Fasanenstrasse and to the famous high-class shopping area of Ku'damm. The customer service is relatively friendly, helping you when you need more information, but not necessarily asking you if you really need something. The showroom occupies two stores, one being situated underground. In Turkey, the company was awarded the 'Most Accredited Brand of Furniture Sector' title two years in a row.
One think that I loved about this shop is the diversity of colours that embelish a choice of wood that otherwise looks cheap. First and foremost, the couches and little pillows are the patch of colour that change completely the entire room perspective. The white furniture is looking elegant, fit for modern tastes.  
When looking through the original Turkish catalogues, I discovered a bigger choice of colours and wooden textures. This walnut wood living room table has upholstered chairs that look very comfy. Most furniture suits moderated-sized rooms, offering a good space management. 
If you are a bit more pretentious when it comes to colours, you can find bed linen that are breaking up the monotony. The mattresses are designed according to the highest standards in terms of health and comfort.  
Most room sets presented are organized around the concept of practicality: easy to move, not too complicated to use, user friendly modules, fitting various budgets and expectations. The natural wood gives a warm look to the room. 
When looking at many bedrooms, especially at the beautiful carpets and comfy chairs, I could not stop thinking about the Oriental stories. And if you want to take your breakfast in bed, it's even more encouraging to tell even more stories.
 Most closet do have metal handles, and are offered in a combination of mild colours.
The most colourful spaces are the children' rooms, although most of those I've seen are perfect only for girls. The pieces of furniture offer enough space to collect all the small and big items, without taking too much space from the room. 
This is one of my favourite room combinations, not only because I love the blue colour. The twist between tobacco and white, plus the petrol blue of the chair with the elegant lines are part of a good combination. The modernist lamps is designed to occupy the minimum amount of space while offering a good lightning. 
The comfy chairs can suit any space: from the kitchen to the bedroom, you can move them as often as possible when you need to relax.  
With the help of some pieces of furniture, you can build a lot vertically, without charging the space and bringing together interesting pieces of furniture. 
Without impressing me to tears, Doğtaş Exclusive Shop in Berlin has a lot of interesting and affordable options to be considered if one think about redesigning completely the house or simply adding more colour to the ambiance. 

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