Monday, June 30, 2014

Interior design inspiration: Etage 7 Berlin

Although disappointed that the futon sold are only inspired from their Asian models, not necessarily brought directly from Japan or other Asian countries, Etage 7 Berlin offers enough reasons to change your mind about the style of your furniture. The shop I visited recently is situated on Kanstrasse 13, but the company also has another shop in Berlin on Schonhauser Allee as well as an online boutique.
The design of the shop itself is relatively simple, spread on two spacious levels, stucked with various models of beds, mattresses and other pieces of furniture (especially book shelves). The furniture used is originally from Central Europe or Mediterranean area, but the overall inspiration is from the minimalist Asian models.  
The customer service was very friendly, offering me a lot of details about various woods used for the furniture, as well as other details about the products distributed. The shop is very flexible and it is possible to order your own size - compared to what I know about the Asian furniture, the models were anyway quite massive, fit for the usual large space of the Western homes. An order may take 4 to 6 months till the final delivery. 
The models are relatively simple, available in different colour combinations. It suits the non-sophisticated customers, practical and with a sense of minimal fashion design. Especially for the futons, there are different models available, some of them with a serious elegant touch. Most mattresses I've seen are designed according to the highest health and comfort standards. 
These shelves are my favourite, although you need a lot of courage and a safe ladder to move different objects from a part to another. But when you are out of space, it can save a lot. 
The same space concern can push you to buy this bed too. The prices are medium, with the average price for a minimal bed going to around 600 EUR. With different modifications, it can reach around 1,000 EUR.

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