Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Things I enjoyed during pregnancy

My pregnancy went unexpectedly well, although I am no more in my early 20s. Except some swollen feet, things were smoothly and I was able to work and create till a couple of hours before giving birth. Out of many things I enjoyed during pregnancy, here are the most important five that made my life of mommy-in-the-making very beautiful. 

1. No more headaches! I was fighting with chronic headaches for almost two years. Sometimes, the pains were so serious that I was hardly able to get out of the bad for one full day. After every such painful experience I was feeling as a new born and at least once I felt like it will no be tomorrow. My pregnancy got it out of my life, probably due to the hormonal balance created during those months. Fortunatelly, the ugly pains did not come back into my life and I wish they will never return.

2. Sleep, a lot of sleep! I know that many women are complaining that they sleep way too much during pregnancy,  but someone like me who hardly sleeps more than 4-5 hours the night, a normal 8 hours sleep was a secret pleasure that I did not enjoy for a long time. Given that after the baby is born there is hardly time for serios sleep, this is something to really appreciate, even you are not fighting with the same sleep disorder as me.

3.Slow down! For someone like me, always very active and busy and set to achieve too many things during the days, my pregnancy was a time of reflection and summing up my priorities. Exactly what you need before te big change brought up into your life by the baby.

4. Glowing face and hair! I am regularly using various beauty products for hair and face, but during the pregnancy just did not need to do too much. My hair was glowing, my face was always looking fresh without too many masks and make up. Call it hormonal blessing!

5. Healthy eating! I know that many women are complaining about eating too much or very unhealthy, with a lot of oil and heavy fats, but things operated differently in my case. Besides keeping strictly kosher for the entire period, withthout dreams about forbidden foods, I added into my daily menu many fruits and vegetables and milk. Products that apparently are again out of my table. l

Any of my readers went through the same experience? Anything interesting about pregancy to share? 

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