Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cheap or expensive? What products are the best for you?

Before I am planning what I have to write for the week, I am trying to include various beauty products, including creams, perfumes or make-up. In most cases, I purchase these products from the local DM and Rossmann store in Berlin, which always offer various temptations at a very good price. 
The products that I stuck in my closet vary, from high-end expensive ones to affordable investments for the daily care. For instance, I am using right now make-up removal wet napkins from Balea for less than 1 Euro. As I used for a long time various creams, I may say that I am very happy with the results of the wet napkins because not only clean the traces of make up but also offer a proper hydration to my skin. 
For a long time, I used to think that only expensive products are good for the skin. When it comes to make it, it actually works in many cases, but when it comes to skin care, nowadays there are many quality affordable options, at least when it comes to the German market. As I am very careful about my skin, before I buy a product I reading the ingredients and the description in order to be sure that it is worth to try it. My experience with both categories of products is that it happens to invest in very expensive products that disappointed me greatly while small investments brought me a lot of advantages. As a rule, I prefer to use known brands, with a well established reputation, including in the field of medical and scientific research.
On this blog, I will always keep posting product recommendations and reviews of products that I tested and used myself, regardless of their price. Proved quality is what matters for me. As I only occasionally do luxury reviews, most of the products introduced on this blog usually belong to the medium priced category. As usual, I am always curious to discover new brands and products but be sure that the review will always reflect my direct experience.

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