Monday, January 25, 2016

Product review: Clearasil Daily Clear. Hydra blast Peeling

After giving birth, I am looking for new reliable skin products that can be used fast with maximum efficiency. After the weekly masks, the cleaning products are the most sought during my frequent visits to Rossmann or DM stores in Berlin. 
Clearasil Daily Clear - Hydra blast peeling, exfoliant, is my newest beauty discovery. It has aloe vera and cucumber extract - one of my favourite ingredients in creams and not only for the smell - and Vitamin 3, praised for its qualities as good skin moisturizer, bringing skin softness, suppleness and hydration. Especially for a skin that it is no longer in the early 20s, this Vitamin helps improving the appearance. 
I started to use the product twice the day, in the morning and in the evening. In the evening, I took care to have a make-up free face. The moisturized cream mixed in the hand is applied in all directions on the wet skin. Wait around 2 minutes than rinse with warm water. Preparing and applying takes around 5 minutes from your time, a total of 10 minutes the day for your skin only. Not bad, isn't it?
As for the results, my skin looks back velvet-like. A did encounter some mild irritation that did not last. It has a pleasant smell, fresh, for sure given by the high concentration of cucumber. 
The 150 ml tube is a new formula and may last around 1 month. It can be purchased from the Rossmann store for less than 3 euro. Besides Germany, and France where it is produced, it can be found in North America, Japan, Russia, UAE and South Africa. 

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