Monday, January 18, 2016

Perfume review: Green tea, by Elizabeth Arden

Usually, when I am out of perfume inspiration, in 90% of cases, chosing a fragrance by Elizabeth Arden helps. For a long time I used by default 5th Avenue and did not wish anything else. It was a perfume good for any occassion and made me feel unique, special and very elegant.
The last year, I found myself in a difficult styling self definition and besides many small details, finding a new perfume to define me, how I am today, come into question. At the airport shop, I started to smell differentl fragrances, but none made me happy. Then, out of nowhere, Green tea by Elizabeth Arden crossed my path. Love at first sight, also because the main ingredient is supposed to be the one and only green tea. 


I am regularly using right now the eau de toilette and the body lotion. The bottle is simple with an elegant green leaf on one side. The body lotion is a very simple white plastic recipient. Overall nothing particular about the design. However, both have the right side for sliding them anywhere making them a convenient item for the travel time.
After a couple of days of using, I was a bit disappointed that the smell was not exactly the strong green tea smell I was expecting. It is a bit too sparkling and with a citrus fragrance. But it smells very fresh on skin and makes you feel free and green. The body lotion I prefer during the summer wrapping the body in a fresh layer regardless how many degrees are outside.
I prefer to use it especially for the daily/morning outings, and it suits both a sport and regular working outfit. 
I am not sure if after the bottle will finish will buy a new one, but I can try my hand with a new product by Elizabeth Arden. 

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